what to wear the first day of seventh gr What you should wear to school is not the coolest outfit you have because then people will expect you wear that kind of outfit everyday. You should wear something that comments your figure or eye color or skin tone. Your outfit should depend on your personality. If you’re a sporty girl wear sneakers shorts or jeans and a tee shirt. If your not sporty wear jeans with a belt and put two tank tops that are similar in color on. For shoes wear sandals or flip flops. For accessories put on hoops if you have pierced ears or put on earrings that match your outfit. If you don’t have pierced ears put on some bracelets or necklace. You could also wear a skirt with leggings and if you want use a belt for accessories. Then put on a tee shirt or a tank top and add a sweater or half top. For make-up, don’t over do it. For eyeshadow, use one that matches your outfit or that makes your eyes pop. Only use a few flicks of mascara and a thin line of eye liner. Use any lip gloss, lip balm, or chap stick that makes your lips look soft and luscious. As hair goes coordinate it with your outfit for the sporty girls a pony tail of just leave it down. For others you can straighten your hair or curl it. Wear it in half pony tail or to the side or try a new hairdo. For nails paint them the same color as your outfit or the schools color. Show your school spirit! When you arrive at school don’t doubt yourself instead brim with self confidence show you don’t care what people think of your outfit because you like it. To finish off your outfit put on a happy smile and look on the bright side today you look fabulous.

whatever you wear, remember you will be left with that image for the rest of the year, so the first day maybe blend in a little more, or at least be aware of what you’re wearing. TOPS– nothing too tight, too see-through, or revealing. GOOD- graphic tees, layered tank tops, tanktops above or below tshirts (if you wear them above, make sure the tshirt is solid), polos (that are stylish and fitted not like overly sportish and baggy) BOTTOMS– nothing too short, GOOD- ripped jeans that aren’t too ripped or have holes that are too big, skinny jeans, colored or not, skirts, with or without leggings, really anything that’s not too tight, too formal, or too short. MAKEUP– lip gloss, anything; mascara, clear is best, or just curl your eyelashes, don’t use any other color but black, clear, or brown, and not too much; eyeliner, i say none, but if you use it, don’t use a lot, and not too colorful; eyeshadow, neutral colors or colors not too bright, make sure you blend it in at the top, make sure its not just a line where it ends; blush or base is fine if you don’t use A LOT. SHOES- no heels, bright flip flops are awesome, skateboarding sneakers, colorful sneakers, don’t wear boot until winter, flats are cool, too. ACCESSORIES- bracelets, i don’t like lots of wristbands, some are okay, but i do like lots of bracelets, as long as they don’t contradict your style or outfit or are too uncomfortable. necklaces, try to wear no more than two, unless they’re really long, i like big colorfull necklaces, but make sure they match!!!!; earings, nothing too much, general is best, hats are cool, but don’t wear too over the top hats too much; belts, most are fine, but not too wild or excessively large. HAIR- if you’re having a ad hair day but it up in a bun or a ponytail. im not a huge fan of braids or pigtails, straightening or curling (depending on your hair) is good. layers in your hair is cool. headbands are fine if there sporty like the ones from lulu lemon just don’t wear kiddish ones. side bangs or bangs are cool, and you can clip themback when you want, but i’m not a fan of poofing them up when you clip them back. just don’t wear anything too judgemental the first day- if you wear big labels, you might have to wear them all year long, and the same with anything. for nail polish, i say anything is good, i like anything from neon colors, to french tip, but don’t wear anything too glittery or with too much design. whatever you wear.