Most Israelis wear the same types of clothing you will see in European countries and the United States (i.e., Zara’s, Adidas, Mango and even Gap have stores in Israel) except with a little more flair.
Israel is a warm country most of the year, with the temperature fluctuating a lot over the course of one day, so many Israelis layer clothing.

In addition to lots of layering they tend to wear loud creative outfits with Bold colors and funky trends. Israelis are laid back and most companies do not have strict ‘suit and tie’ rules of say, the financial district of NY or London, so you can pretty much see everything being worn to work- from flip flops and t-shirts to dresses, heels and suits.

The religious citizens adapt their clothing to fit the rules of modesty, so the colors and styles tend to be a bit more conservative

Some wear robes with linen head coverings with bands around them while others go for the classic black-and-white suit look.

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