My step-dad has told me that in a boy’s or a man’s mind they think that if you are wearing something as simple as denim jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and a pair of sandals you have to look good in it. They think that if you dress plain and look good imagine if you dressed up that you would look even better. ———————————– sparta98 I agree with most of the above answer, but you should know that even if they don’t say anything about it, a guy WILL notice when you’ve dressed up a little differently.

So I mean a good guy who is in his 40’s dont care.But every guy wants to see a girl shine.My edvice is to start wearing low cut shirts more often think ask him out.Instaed of wearing it one day.Make hime attractied to you.Every young guy cares about looks!

The above is a lie. Not all guys care about looks as number one priority. If a girl is hitting on me and is wearing a low-cut dress and all that stuff, it makes her look desperate, horny, and out of control. I would never want to be with someone who thinks dressing like that is the right approach to getting men.

Gotta agree with that, if they wear it the day it happens, they do seem really desperate to me.