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The Rockport Company is a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of shoes. Founded in Marlborough, Massachusetts in 1971 by Saul and Bruce Katz, the company continues to produce footwear and operate stores in the United States, and 66 countries around the world. The company was purchased by Reebok in 1984. Now both footwear makers are owned by shoe giant Adidas.The Rockport Company is based in Canton, Massachusetts, in the Reebok Headquarters. If you inquire with their email address, found on their company website, regarding if any of their shoes are made in the U.S.A., they will reply with “We currently do not have any shoes manufactured in the United States.” I received this response on Dec 31, 2009.
Most of Rockport shoes now come from China. Some may be from India or other East Asian countries. Less common are shoes made in Central America or Mexico.