Cargo pants were inspired by the uniforms used by the military in combat and became a trend in the early 90’s due to their comfort and versatility. Similar to khaki pants, but featuring a more casual look, these pants have become a great alternative to a pair of jeans.

The cargo style is defined by a relaxed fit and several roomy pockets called cargo pockets. Most models have at least two cargo pockets, one on each side of the legs in the thigh area.

Cargo pants are popular with teenagers and young-minded adults, especially those who enjoy outdoors activities or have a laid-back lifestyle. They are particularly appealing to campers, hikers, fishermen, hunters, and travelers because of the practical cargo pockets in which many items can be stored.

Despite that, and thanks to the extensive variety of designs, fabrics, and colors available in the market today, there are also many models that are suitable to be worn formally.

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