There are a number of places that offer tuxedo rental. Some examples include:

  • Men’s Warehouse
  • Jos A. Banks
  • Savvi Formalware

Most places will offer a group discount, (i.e. if you were renting for a wedding party).

Additionally, you can save some money by taking advantage of seasonal sales, such as prom, and around the holiday season.

At first, it may seem cheaper to buy instead of rent, but if you rent, they will arrange for all of the alterations at no additional cost.
Another Answer:
just buy one…
slim fit tuxes, or modern tuxes are generally more expensive. Calvin Klein and Hugo boss make really nice ones…
here’s what i did…
I’ve rented 3 tuxes in the past 2 years for a total of $350…i was tired of paying that for a polyester tux that didn’t fit that well.
i went to Men’s Warehouse and bought their least expensive wool tuxedo jacket…then i bought a pair of flat front wool tuxedo pants. I took the two to the tailor and had it fit and altered exactly the way i wanted it…with a more slim and modern look.
total after alterations $250. i decided to buy nice shoes that were 50% off for $80, but you can get less expensive tux shoes for $30.
grand total $330…
Ill have this tux for at least the next ten years…which if i continue with needing at least 2 tuxes every year that would be over $2000 for the 10 years.
if i had bought a Calvin or Hugo it would have been well over $500 for everything. Now i have a sweet tux that looks just like the modern slim fit designer brands…for a fraction of the price.