None other than Jean Johnson. He Was born in key west FLorida in 1949. He had this crazy idea to create a stiylish yet comfortable Jacket that would keep him warm in the rare but chilly nights of Florida. He finaly made in in 1979. This made him very rich man and he lived happily until his tragic dealth in 2005 when when his jean jacket got caught in the front tire of his motor scooter and made him flip of in to on coming traffic.

wrong! Levi Strauss, one of the originators of the jean jacket, claims the first one was created in 1873 as a durable work “blouse” for cowboys and gold rush miners in the wild west. To keep this legacy alive, Levi’s recently sponsored a contest to find the oldest Levi denim jacket in the United States. ONe was found made in the U.S. in 1910 and is currently selling for $2,000. Replicas from the years 1936-1960 can be purchased for $150.00.