Just three weeks ago today…I purchased a pair of Herman Survivors for my husband. They were waterproof and steel toed. He has worn them about three or four times a week. They are falling apart on the inside!!! I purchased them at wal-mart for 52.97. He said that the boot itself was very comfortable, but definitely not worth the money. I can not take them back. Walmart will not do anything about it because I do not have the original box or the receipt. I think we will take a trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods and buy him a good pair of LaCross!!! They seem to last and last and last…
In 2001 Wal-Mart bought Herman Survivors from a private company. They are now made in China, for 122 years Herman Survivors were considered the best boot money could buy, they were expensive, but lasted even under extreme use and conditions, now Herman Survivors are cheap to buy, and cheap in the way they are constructed.

Answer I know exactly the boot you are talking about. I bought mine at clothing sales in Kitzingen Germany in 1985. In 2000 I wanted to find a new pair. Herman sold the design of the military boot to Stride Rite. I contacted Stride Rite and they have no plans to re-issue the boot. Please contact Stride Rite and tell them how much you liked the boot. Maybe if enough people ask them they’ll make it available again.

Herman Survivors were never “the best” boot money could buy. They were very good boots, but boot companies like Danner, and small builders like White’s, made better boots.

My Herman Survivors didn’t even survive one snowstorm. I bought them in 2007 especially for a deep snow, which came in December 2009. After wearing them for three hours, both boots split so badly that the inner white foam was bulging out from the rubber just below where the rubber meets the leather. Too bad; they were comfortable, but horribly constructed. Wal-Mart refused to acknowledge they had even carried that model of Herman Survivors. I didn’t expect a lifetime of wear, but three hours???

Not even a month for me. You would think that after all these comments about how bad these shoes are made, they would take heed; but no, they do nothing about it. Sad… Sad… Sad!!! I will never again buy another pair of these worthless boots!!!

…yet mine, bought from WalMart for $44 and Change (yet they looked not even worth 1/2 the price! I hate WalMart, especially since 2000, for lack of Customer Service!): I bought the boots for Winter 2011/2012, some of THE harshest Winter conditions (40+ below 0 Degrees F… Night AND Day) at the U.S.-Canadian Border: my Hermans Survivors: THE Best Quality of Winter Boots I ever owned: VERY lightweight, VERY comfortable, VERY warmly insulated AND VERY waterproof. The VERY low heals and ski boot wrap-around the ankles do not flex enough if tightly laced… tie the laces loosely, or get used to slipping and falling on the ice! I don’t doubt the quality varied through the years… buyer beware! Hermans Survivors these days, the best quality of boots I ever owned!

—- Since you bought your boots in 2007 you didn’t buy the Herman Survivors that are the reason for the reputation the boots had. You bought Walmart boots. I bought a pair of Herman Survivors in the late 70s and they were made from top quality materials and were well put together. I still have them (Dec. 2010) and they are still in great shape. They are tested to be warm in -20 degree weather. I have never been cold in them and they have never leaked. They are also extremely comfortable. If I could buy another pair of boots like these I would, in a heart beat. Unfortunately the Herman Survivors of legend are no longer made. The good thing is that these show no sign of falling apart, so I’m sure I’ll have them for many more years. Love these boots!

Well I bought a pair of Herman survivors at Walmart in 2008 and I wear them alot,and mine are so comfortable and they are still in good shape to be 4 years old,Guess I was very lucky to find a good pair of boots.

– I am sorry to rain on this “bash Herman Survivors because they must be crap if they are made in China and Walmart now owns the company” but these boots are still constructed very well! I got a pair to wear at a job that destroyed boots so I wanted to get something inexpensive to wear. I still wear those boots many years later and they held up far better than the Timberland work boots that cost twice as much! I wanted to get a new pair of boots recently and I could’ve got any pair I wanted no matter the price, but I was so darn pleased with that first pair that I went and got another pair from Walmart and they are the same high quality I hoped they would be! Just look at them next time you are at Walmart and it’s plain to see that they are crafted well, with some pretty darn nice-looking leather! It is difficult to get past the stigma of them coming from a Walmart (they couldn’t possibly be high quality coming from Walmart) but I am completely sold on them and I can buy two pair for the price one pair of “high quality” boots elsewhere would cost! Maybe 3 pair!! But you can use that money for something else because one pair can take a real beating and last you many years!!! This is coming from a guy who has worn exclusively Dr. Martins for 20 years… I’m sold on Wallys Hermans!!!!!!!