To hold up their shinn pads. I think.
The player’s socks must cover the shinguards as required by the Laws of the Game, but they (the socks) tend to be longer so they can be pulled up well over the top of the calves. If a sock doesn’t pull up well over the calf to, say, right up under the knee, it is more difficult to keep the sock from sliding down. Remember those odd men’s socks from back in the day when men had to wear little gaters just below their knees to hold them up? Bogus! There is a practical as well as a regulatory reason for long socks.
Yes, To hold up the shinn guards. so they don’t fall off.Yes it is that but you must remember there socks have to have something to do with the teams color and it helps with keeping the shin guards up but that’s not the whole reason for the socks.mainly most people have diffrent color shin guards so they must where socks that are the same color bc say you were playing a team that had almost the same color as you you would look at their socks to see what team is what team.oh and its shin guards not SHIN PADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they do that because it looks more professional just like having to tuck your shirt in also for safety so that someone doesn’t snag the Velcro strap and cause you shin guard to fall off also to keep plastic from flying around and hitting people in the event your shinguard is boken