Many Men Love to wear a very Silky smooth pair of Pantyhose obviously because of the seductive FEEL. Pantyhose are made out of smooth Nylon and silky Lycra/spandex and are just tight enough to feel like you are being hugged – of course Millions of Men are going to enjoy that!
Pantyhose are even made for Men now!
(and so on and so on)
(keep in mind, Men wore “tights” before Women- check the History!).



 Some people find the act of doing something wrong arousing.
well pantyhose are very very very very very very smooth and feel good up between my legs!! u know u secretly have a dying passion for guys like me in pantyhose : ]

There are several reasons a man or even a boy will wear pantyhose , The following being , For warmth when its cold , Cause they stand on their legs all day and it helps keep the swelling down and support , They have RLS < restless leg syndrome > and the doctor reccomended it , For some it is sexually arousing or stimulating . Some just like the way the hose looks on their legs . for others its when they see a woman who wears hose and wants to emulate that or wonder how they would look in that outfit or theirs .