Wearing Stirrups to School I’m 48, and I’ve been wearing stirrup pants since the 80s, and there’s nothing wrong with them. I get compliments all the time from both men and women, and I have women ask me where I buy them… on the Internet, of course. They are not considered slutty or out-of-date; they just make a women’s legs look long and slender. Other pants do nothing for me except make my legs look two times too big because there is too much room. With stirrup pants, they’re tapered right down to my ankles, and I look quite good for my age!

  Probably because they haven’t revised their dress code since 1985?
Or that they accent the features that men love on a woman. Tightness and such.

  1) What is it about them that they find revolting? 2) They are coming back again.

  Because stretch stirrup pants are from the 80s. Its nice to know that some schools have some sort of fashion morale.
Because the child that wore them would be picked on.
1). Because it’s not the uniform!

 Real answer

 Because it is “inappropriate” which it’s not but whatever. It turns men on. Lol!