It’s not that important, it just shows the quality of the clothing. American Eagle would be high quality.

would you like to wear wal-mart clothes and get made fun of? that’s what I thought.
the school I go to, brand name clothing is SO important. it doesn’t bother my parents though, because we are REALLY rich. honestly though, if you don’t have atleast 2 pieces of brand name clothing, you have NOTHING!! and by the way, American Eagle isn’t even that good. just letting you know (:

If a person wears Wal-Mart clothing and is made fun of, then the people making fun of them really need to grow up. Yes brand name things are important in today’s society, and we all want to look our best and fit in. However, we are our own worst critic; when we think people are picking our clothing apart, even if we find what we are wearing to be nice, chances are they haven’t even noticed. If they have, they probably noticed because they thought it was nice as well, or because it is not something they would wear themselves. Yet when people notice clothing they wouldn’t normally wear themselves, unless of course they are childish and insecure, they do not usually pick the people wearing the outfit apart. There are some decent pieces of clothing to be found at Wal-Mart and other similar stores, and unless someone has seen them at the store before, chances are they wont even know where you got it. Personally I find your comment extremely rude and childish, because you do not need to have brand name things in order to have ‘something’. I think you should take the time to grow up a bit, and then try answering this question in a few years time.