im wonderin what if ur only 13 how are u supposed to get them?
Maybe think very hard about this first as at 13 you are in school and will face tremendous ridicule from your schoolmates etc when they find out, if you have VERY understanding parents maybe mum would agree to buying you some to wear only around the house, i would suggest though waiting until you are a little older and then see if you still have tjis interest in wearing panties
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i was very intrested in panties because of their feel. What I did is i started
“borrowing” my mother and sister’s underwear, when they left me home alone. but, the easiest and least suspicoius way to get silky pan ties (for the feel) is to go to marshalls or tj max and look for nylon underwear. Papi is a great brand of very feminine underwear for guys that they sell at marshalls and macys. i think the modern stretch low rise briefs feel just like panties, and your parents wonmt suspect a thimg! plus if you play sports, say you don’t like the length of under armour and just ask for something shorter. plus, ask your dad first.